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30” Vertical Beam Heavy Duty Floor Mounted Side Screen TURBINE DISC INSPECTION SYSTEM with Fully Corrected Image

Instrument complete with the following features:
- 30" / 760mm angled side screen for viewing of fully corrected image
- Circular glass screen with cross lines, 60 degree lines,
- Cast iron base and frame structure for maximum rigidity
- Stationary chart frame with precision rotating internal chart ring and chart clips
- Vernier rotary screen protractor with 1 min resolution, fine adjust and quick release
- True telecentric optics eliminate "wall effect" and fuzzy edges on turned components
- Relay lens features large 8"/203mm front working distance on all lenses
- True lower datum projection where system views direct datum surface
- Adjustable telecentric stop increases depth of field to improve image quality
- Internal single lens mount or optional 6 position motorized lens turret
- Super heavy duty precision slide stage platform or optional quad spindle
- High precision hard plated cast iron work stage
- 500 lb/230kg
- 18" x 18" / 460mm x 460mm or optional 24" x 32" 610mm x 815mm cast iron work surface with    fixturing holes
- 8" /200mm or 12"/305mm motorized X axis horizontal travel with precision joystick control
- 8" /200 mm or 12"/305mm motorized Y axis transverse travel with precision joystick control
- 8" /200mm motorized vertical focus travel
- Tungsten halogen projection with long life bulb
- Harsh environment package protects internal optical components
- Green filter
- Extended hood visor with curtains and relief for crane hoist loading of discs or fixtures
- 1 year warranty
- Made in the USA


Part Number
Basic machine for overlay work
with 0.001mm scales and X/Y DRO
with 0.001mm scales, Geometric DRO
with 0.001mm scales, Geometric DRO with edge
with 0.001mm scales, Color Geometric DRO
with 0.001mm scales, Color Geometric DRO with edge
with 0.001mm scales, CNC imbedded DRO with edge
with 0.001mm scales, PC geometric software DRO
with 0.001mm scales, PC geo software DRO w/ edge
with 0.001mm scales, PC geometric CNC package

Epic-30ATDC Objective Lenses

30" 10x objective lens
30" 20x objective lens
30" 31.25x objective lens
30" 50x objective lens
30" 62.5x objective lens
30" 100x objective lens

Factory installed options

Part Number
Motorized 6 position internal lens turret for Epic-30TDC
Electronic rotary chart protractor for 30" screen (if added to QC DRO)
Electronic rotary chart protractor for 30" screen, includes digital readout
Heavy duty stage platform modification for TDC-CR481 cradle
Increase X axis horizontal travel from 8" to 12"/305mm
Increase Y axis transverse table travel from 8" to 12"/305mm
Mercury arc profile projection illumination
Surface reflection - 2000W tungsten thru the lens
Extreme harsh environment package, sealed and pressurized optical chamber
Digital Screen Image Archiving,digital storage and measurement of screen image

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