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The original optical comparator / profile projector was invented by J&L in 1919.  Since then our innovative products, robust designs, and unparalleled accuracies have enabled us to sell more instruments then all of our competition combined.

J&L’s product offering includes new optical comparators, vision systems and dimensional gaging instruments.  We also support our legacy products with our factory remanufacturing and factory certification programs and by continuing to supply replacement parts, upgrade kits, field service, calibration and technical support.

Anything else is just a compromise.

New Models

Legacy Models

Remanufactured Models

optical comparator
Turbine Disk Optical Comparator

Screen diameters 10”, 14”, 20”, 30” 40” and 50”.  Stage sizes from 16” x 5”, 18” x 6”, 30” x 6”, 32” x 8.5”,  60” x 8.5”, 24” x 24”, 36” x 36" Table Travels; Reflection Attachment; 10X Lens; Tungsten Halogen Projection; Light Visor As the World leader in high quality comparators, we offer a range of New and Remanufactured and Factory Certified Jones and Lamson optical comparators to help you control the quality of your manufacturing at any budget. Our New optical comparators combine the best in hardware, optics, illumination, and software to meet the needs of today's manufacturers. All of our comparators come calibrated and ready to serve as the best measurement solution in your lab or manufacturing environment. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to service the range of Jones and Lamson measurement systems based on internationally accepted criteria for calibration laboratories.

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