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Can I buy my J&L items / Optical Comparators from you directly?

We encourage you to purchase Optical Comparators / items through your local distributor who is available for your service and sales needs, however we will also provide you with parts directly if necessary.

I need replacement parts for my J&L (Jones and Lamson) Optical Comparator. Where can I purchase them?

Contact your local distributor, or you can contact us directly.

I have an older Optical Comparator / item. How much is it worth?

There is no pre-established value on older optical comparator. Many factors can affect the value of an older optical comparator; age, model, condition, etc. Thus, estimating value can be very subjective. We recommend you sending us detailed information including the model and serial number of the optical comparator, as well as many digital images of the unit for consideration of pricing.

What is the guarantee on a J&L Comparator?

J&L Metrology will warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of shipment. If upon inspection it is determined that item / Optical Comparator has been abused or misused the warranty will be void. Please contact us. Lamps, electrical components, readouts, scales, calibration, magnification and other consumable items are exempt from warranty.

We have various comparators that have certifications. How often do they need to be updated or re-certified?

Anyone can improve their efficiency and reduce costs by using a properly calibrated unit. Each company determines their own requirements by typically doing analysis of use to define which Optical Comparatorss can be calibrated less frequently and which should be calibrated more frequently. Calibration needs vary from customer to customer based on their usage, certifications, needs, and many other factors.

I have an item or optical comparator that needs repair, where do I send it and what will be the cost?

Return the item to our main factory including a purchase order. Our bench fee is applicable for the time necessary in evaluating damage. Shipping (in/out) is the responsibility of the user. We will not repair any items without prior approval.


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