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Calibration Tools

Scales with one edge graduated in .020 inch increments and other in 0.5 mm increments. A glass scale is valuable for every comparator because.

1. It provides a fast, accurate method of making check measurements of projected images on the chart.
2. It is particularly useful on models not equipped with measuring tables.
3. It will verify chart outlines with either fractional or decimal measurements.
4. It will confirm magnification settings of all types of comparator

Inspection Master Kit

AC-4199 includes a precision glass inspection master with holding fixture, registration target and 16” glass scale. This kit is used to determine lens magnification, table measuring accuracy and axis orthogonality. Scale divisions are certified accurate with in 50 micro inches. A 50X magnification lens is required. The master can be used for English or metric, micro-dial or digital measuring tables and lenses from 10X thru 250X.

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