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J&L VM-300 Vision system

Instrument complete with the following features:
- Granite base platform
- Precision lapped high quality coated optics
- Adustable motorized zoom lens with 6.5 :1 variability
- 6" / 150mm travel manual left and right hand focus   drive (optional motorized)
- Z focus axis encoder with 0.001mm/.00005" resolution   is optional
- Integrated large format flat panel, base mounted   monitor with optional touchscreen interface
- Through stage collimated LED lighting, variable   intensity computer contolled
optical comparator
- Control and measurement software installed on standard PC for servicability
- Network compatible standard Windows PC
- Geometric digital PC based measurment software with the following features:
   - Inch/mm and absolute and incremental datumns
   - Geometric tools such as point, circle, radius, line, angle, skew, distance, slot..
   - Image storage and exporting capability
   - Multipoint edge detection with automatic 12 step zoom scaling
   - Quick diameter circle go/nogo overlay feature
   - programmable part inspection routines
   - Measurements generate CAD style file viewable on screen
   - 8 user defined crosshair patterns and colors for ease of measurement
   - Automatic ROI (range of interest) tools
- Harsh environment package protects Internal optics and bearings from shop
- 1 year warranty
- Made in the USA

Part Number
Base machine with geometric metrology software and PC - must choose workstage
Large format 23" touch screen display
Z axis (focus measurement) 0.001mm/.00005" resolution encoder

Precision Measurement Workstages

8" x 4" (200mm x 100mm) precision coordinate workstage with .001mm/.00005 scales
8" x 6" (150mm x 200mm precision coordinate workstage with 0.001mm/.00005" scales
12" x 8" (300mm x 200mm) precision coordinate stage with 0.001mm/.00005" scales
X and Y motorization package with joystick control
XZ (focus) axis motorization
Trackball for VM system

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