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Lens Repairs and Calibration

Optical Comparator Lenses are not Para central, therefore, when the operator changes from one magnification to another, the screen image will shift vertically on the receiving screen. J&L Metrology Optical Comparator Lenses can modify our lens mounts to make our lenses Para central, however, this is costly and required for very few applications.

J&L Optical Comparator Lenses should be sent to our factory for repairs as they will be set on master bench comparators thus insuring the customers ability to change lenses between optical comparators without loosing accuracy. If unqualified persons have tampered with lenses, it would be advisable to contact us for our Factory Technicians who are trained and certified to check the lenses and machine adjustments against the specifications found in the Jones and Lamson axis scope manual for compliance. This must be done using J&L’s axis scope kit and manual. There is no other way to properly check them.

The primary difference between J&L Metrology’s Optical comparator lens system and other lesser quality systems are that J&L uses a collimated beam of light, computer verified defraction limited telecentric lens which are designed and manufactured by J&L Metrology for our optical comparators. These lenses are made from over 30 types of optical grade glass which are specifically selected for our optical requirements. While this system may not always appear as bright as other camera style lens systems, which have a size change in the image as you move through the depth of focus, it is without question the most accurate, and therefore, the best choice for optical comparator qualifications.

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