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Preventative Maintenence

The J&L Optical Comparator requires very little maintenance, however it is most important that a qualified factory trained and authorized technician perform the required work. Initially the cost of hiring a qualified professional may seem higher, however generally in the long run the value received will be well worth the cost.

The machine should be completely dusted and cleaned periodically depending upon the operational environment. Keep the cooling fans free from dust or other obstructions. For maximum screen illumination the mirrors, lenses and screen must be kept clean. Care should be exercised when cleaning these critical components to prevent scratching or other damage. Never remove mirrors from the machine or disassemble lens systems.

It is further recommended that periodic cleaning, lubrication, alignment and certification work be performed by a J&L factory trained and authorized technician. The frequency for this service is dependant on individual requirements and environmental conditions.

You may contact us to determine if your service technician is properly qualified to perform service on your Optical Comparator.

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